FCB program files...

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FCB program files...

Beitragvon Hans Ligtenberg » Dienstag 15. Juni 2004, 16:10

The best way is the Line 6 way with FBV's. However different people want different things...

The FCB files have been updated thanks to Daniel Lemoine. Now you can access these files without a hassle. On the FCB page, that you can find under the notes menu above, the following Line 6 amps can be controlled by the FCB 1010. There a general information file also that explains how to program your footcontroller.

HD 147, Flextone III, Flextone II, POD Xt & POD 2.0

you can get them hassle free here
Hans Ligtenberg

Beitragvon Gitarrero » Dienstag 15. Juni 2004, 16:31

Sehr geil Hans! Das nenne ich Support! Ich brauche es zwar nicht weil ich mein FCB mitlerweile optimal programmiert habe aber vor noch 3 Monaten hätte eins von deinen genommen!


RE: FCB program files...

Beitragvon Hans Ligtenberg » Freitag 18. Juni 2004, 17:52

Hans Ligtenberg

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